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I miss it.

I miss sending postcards. I miss hearing about how I made someone smile with something as simple as a hello in the mail. I miss having the motivation to keep this project going.


So much has changed since I last wrote. I don’t have the time right now to update. but I will.


I promise I will. some big life changes are going to be happening in the next month.


I can do this.



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So, I have been avoiding you, blog. I know, I know, how horrible of me. But I just could no admit defeat. I could not admit to myself, and to you, that I had failed. The summer deterred me, but I thought I could pick it right back up in the fall. Turns out that my program at school takes a lot more of my time than I had anticipated. That being said, today in one of my classes, a teacher asked if anyone had a blog. For some reason I put my hand up, and I shared with the class what my idea was. Talking about it made me realize that it doesn’t matter if I don’t send out a postcard EVERY day, just that I still send out postcards.

That being said, I have  a lot of photos up put up of postcards that I have sent out in the last few months. I will get around to posting them all eventually, but I am going going to do a few at a time. This is a much more maintainable goal for myself at this time. That being said, at some point I would still like to send out a postcard every day for a year. This probably won’t be accomplished until I have a steady job, and the cost of stamps won’t be taken out of my rent money.

Thank you all for supporting me, and I hope that I have not let anyone down by failing to accomplish what my original goal was.

I still want to brighten up your day when you receive a postcard in the mail. I still believe in the post office, and I will still be keeping it alive. Just slightly less than I was hoping. I hope you understand.

Keeping the post office alive (still),


Posted by: 365postcards | September 6, 2010

Hello, again.

I know it has been a long time since I have updated. While being away at camp, I realized that this project was a bit more than I could handle while living away from constant internet and a less busy schedule.

It took me a while to admit that I had bit off more than I could chew, but eventually I realized. I am okay that I took a few months away from the project. But now that I am back in the city, outfitted with a new laptop, the project is back on! I will do my best to catch up with all the addresses that were sent to me, but if you really would like a postcard, please please email me your address!

Keeping the post office alive,


Posted by: 365postcards | June 7, 2010

oh goodness!

Oh my gosh, how is it JUNE already?! I am moving out of my tipi this week so I will track down my camera cord so I can start putting up photos of everything. I realise I need to put up all MAY! AHH! I am horrible at this blogging thing. Promise I will get better when I am at home with a constant internet connection. That isn’t until September though.

A lot has been happening these days. I am completely healthy again! Yay! Still don’t know what was wrong with me, but its all gone now so I am okay with it.

In a week I am road tripping to Vancouver, which I am very excited for! Time to catch up with heaps of friends out there. After that is a summer of camp… I am excited for it.. a bit nervous but thats okay with me.

Today we did a thing called the giant swing. TERRIFYING! but I did it, and went up to the top! Very exciting. I will post a video of it somehow.

Keeping the post office alive,


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So I was ready to update this… and i have lost (misplaced my camera cord) so until I find where that is, I can not update! Annoying!

I hope you are all doing well. Its been a crazy last couple of weeks for me. I am enjoying my time out here, but for a week or so I was pretty sick with something… not quite sure what it was. But I ended up being in the hospital for 3 nights.

Right now, I am in Edmonton. Today we are going to the West Edmonton Mall… mainly for the waterpark! SO EXCITED!

Keeping the post office alive,


Posted by: 365postcards | April 25, 2010

Here we go again…

So here I am just like I said I would be. I am sitting in the local grocery store in Canmore updating my blog… I think that they think I’m crazy. I buy all these stamps, then write heaps of postcards, and take photos of them… Yep, definitely think I am crazy.

But here are the postcards from the 14th until today, the 25th. I will put up the following week up next weekend!

Please send me your addresses if you have not. I am running out of new people to write to. Even if I have sent you a postcard, email me and let me know if you would like another! 365postcards @

Keeping the post office alive,


Posted by: 365postcards | April 24, 2010

My bad…

So its been quite some time since i’ve updated! I am going to put up photos from March 29th to April 14th. The rest I will post tomorrow.

Things out here at camp are great! I am having a really good time. It feels so good to be back amongst the mountains. Every time I drive through them, or catch a glimpse of them, I get so excited. They are truly beautiful. Spring camp starts on Monday. I am pretty stoked on it. Can’t wait to meet all the new people!

Keeping the post office alive,


Posted by: 365postcards | April 11, 2010

Day Six

Day Six April 11th, 2010

The last day of the road trip. We both woke up in better moods. We set out to get the oil changed in the  car. Stopped at Wal-Mart, and were the first people there. Score! We were finished at Wal-Mart at around 11 or so. We had lots of time to kill before Mama’s flight. We decided to go kill some time at Value Village, a secondhand store. I found a pretty sweet vest for Dane, and a pretty wicked winter’ish coat for myself. Apparently the weather is going to get a bit chilly for the next couple of weeks… and I didn’t bring a “real’ winter jacket. Problem solved!

We killed an hour or so there. But still a couple hours to go before mama’s flight. We didn’t have much to do. We stopped at a few more stores to kill some time. After all that it was getting near to 3 so we decided to go to the airport. We stopped at a grocery store on the way so that mama could have some food on the plane.

I dropped mama off at the airport. Did our hugs and kisses, made sure that she had everything, and I had everything I needed. We were all set. As I was driving away it sort of hit me that I wouldn’t be seeing family for the next five months. I felt incredibly lonely, but also incredibly excited to be heading towards camp.. and driving!

I got to camp at around 4:30. No one was at the main lodge, so I drove to housing. I found some people there, asked if they knew where I was staying. They said in back of housing. I walked back, and saw that my old room was free, so I naturally picked it. It felt weird being back in housing with no one I knew there. I missed last winter more than ever. I am sure that things will be better tomorrow when I meet some more of the staff, and see some people I know. Hopefully.  Then, in a week, Dane will be out here and life will be a bit easier because I will have someone from home to keep me not so lonely.

I’m not sure if mama will read this, but a special thank you goes to her. This trip was a lot of fun, and I am glad that I got to do it with her. We had some laughs, some tears, some fights… but all in all it truly was an epic road trip! Its now completed, and we made it accident free. Awesome!

As I write this, I am sitting in the safeway in Canmore. After I post this, I am going catch up on my postcards. I just bought stamps, so I will be able to mail them out. I’m not sure if I will be able to make the postcard post tonight, or next weekend. But it will happen soon! I promise!

Until then, make sure I have your addresses! Email them to me at 365postcards @

Keeping the post office alive,


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Day Five

Day Five, April 10th, 2010

Today was an interesting day to say the least. It started off nicely. We drove around trying to find a place to get the oil changed in the car. We stopped at Wal-Mart but they told us that it would be a few hours. We didn’t want to wait so we drove to Mr. Lube down the way.. they were double the price of Wal-Mart. It didn’t make sense to stop there to get it down. We made the decision to head to Vulcan after all.

On the way to Vulcan, we stopped to change my phone number to a local one, and to get myself a CAA membership. I decided to buy a National Parks pass so that I wouldn’t have to pay each time to get into Banff. I assume I will be going in more than 6 time over the next 5 months , so it  just made sense to get one.

We arrived in Vulcan and went to the tourist center. Which also is the main Star Trek place.. Now mama and I both, are not into that sort of stuff so we didn’t appreciate it as much as we could have, I’m sure. It was cool… I guess! If you’re a huge nerd. Haha, but like everything on this trip it was a “been there, done that… definitely do not ever have to do it again!” We took our photos.. and decided that it was definitely time to leave. Haha.

Here is where the day gets interesting. Mama and I had a huge blow up in the car. I think it was because we spent 5 days in such close proximity to each other. She says it wasn’t, but whatever it was.. It wasn’t fun. Most of the trip back to Calgary was spent in silence, as was the evening. We had another dinner at Denny’s and both of us went to bed. Hopefully, things would get better in the morning.

Keeping the post office alive,


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Day Four

Day Four April 9th, 2010

I am writing this a couple days after the fact, so forgive me if I don’t remember everything. So far, the weather has been crazy.. and day four just added to it. It was crazy windy out today! I was going to drive, but I didn’t feel too comfortable driving with the high winds…. (there were rumours of it getting up to 110 km.. noo thank you!!) Not much happened on this day, just lots of starting driving. We finally got to Montana and took a back route up towards the boarder. It cut off a good couple hours of our trip… makes up for the hours we put on when we went the wrong route!

I did end up driving for about 30 minutes right before the boarder, but mama was bringing in some alcohol that she wasn’t mentioning to the boarder officials.. so I didn’t want to lie! We switched right before we crossed.

Not much happed on day four. Lots of wide open road, farms and wind farms! They were pretty cool. I forget the name of what they are called, but there were hundreds on them. Good idea too, because it was so windy out! So much energy to be made out there in the wide open fields.

We decided that we were not going to go to Vulcan, Alberta. Figured that there probably wasn’t much to see. So we kept on driving to Calgary. When we were leaving Lethbridge, I saw a hitch hiker on the side of the road. I felt bad for him as it was pretty cold out, and getting dark. I didn’t think anyone would stop to pick him up. So I made mama turn around and go get him. Pulled over to pick him up, had to do a little bit of re-arranging in the car.. (maybe I brought too much stuff out.. haha.! Nope, never!) and he fit in quite nicely. His name was Justin, and was originally from PEI, but had been living out in Alberta for the past 4 years.

We drove him all the way to Calgary. It was his lucky night! We parted ways, and mama and I were off to find a hotel to stay in. We found one, had some dinner at Denny’s and went to bed. All in all, it was a good day. No fighting, and we were back in Canada! I officially had made it to Alberta, further than last year!

Keeping the post office alive,


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